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21 Aug 2019IAAF has not ratified results from the African championships 2018 in Asaba, therefore we have removed 3:00.92 for the Kenyan 4x4 relay from our lists.

Entries added within the last seven days

Rank Name Nation PerformanceMark Venue Date  
400-metres (men) 45.30 
36Todiasoa Franck RabearisonMAD47.39Amneville21.06.2019S,BCA,Q
800-metres (women) 2:00.60 
30Tsepang SelloLES2:05.04Stellenbosch04.04.2019S,BCA,Q
10000-metres (women) 31:50.00 
Pauline KamuluKEN30:41.85Fukagawa (JPN)11.07.2018nS
Stacy NdiwaKEN31:31.17Asaba (NGR)04.08.2018nS
Alice NawowunaKEN31:36.12Asaba (NGR)04.08.2018nS
Gloria KiteKEN31:41.47Maia (POR)02.06.2018nS
Ancuţa BobocelROU31:43.12London (GBR)19.05.2018nS
23Mercyline ChelangatUGA31:48.41Gold Coast (AUS)09.04.2018Q
Beatrice MutaiKEN31:49.81Gold Coast (AUS)09.04.2018nS
24Juliet ChekwelUGA31:57.97Gold Coast (AUS)09.04.2018TFP,Q
26Celia SullohernAUS31:50.75Gold Coast (AUS)09.04.2018q
---Required performance to qualify31:50.98
Pauline KorikwiangKEN31:51.10Nairobi (KEN)22.06.2018nS
Mizuki MatsudaJPN31:52.42Yamaguchi (JPN)22.06.2018nS
Jessica TonnUSA31:54.83Stanford CA (USA)03.05.2018nS
Gwen JorgensenUSA31:55.68Stanford CA (USA)30.03.2018nS
Marielle HallUSA31:56.68Des Moines IA (USA)21.06.2018S
Chelsea BlaaseUSA31:57.56Stanford CA (USA)03.05.2018nS
Mao IchiyamaJPN31:57.91Stanford CA (USA)03.05.2018nS
Karissa SchweizerUSA32:00.55Stanford CA (USA)30.03.2018nS
Madeline HillsAUS32:01.04Gold Coast (AUS)09.04.2018nS
Stephanie BruceUSA32:05.05Des Moines IA (USA)21.06.2018nS
Eva CheronoKEN32:34.03Leiden (NED)09.06.2018nS,TFP
50-kilometres-race-walk (women) 4:30:00 
28Katie BurnettUSA4:29:45San Diego (USA)15.07.2019S,Q


  • * - Not listed as IAAF Certified Marathon Course
  • AC - Area Champion (automatically qualifies, irrespective of whether her or his performance has reached the Entry Standard)
  • BCA - Best country athlete (Countries who have no male and/or no female athletes who have achieved the entry standard)
  • DL - Diamond League / Hammer Throw Challenge Winner (Wildcard)
  • DNS - Did not start
  • DSQ - Disqualified
  • nS- Athletes not selected by federations that announced their teams.
  • Q - Qualified by achieving the Entry Standard
  • q - One of the best ranked athletes to fill the remaining places
  • S - Athletes who have been selected to represent their country at the World Championships (highlighted in green)
  • RWC - Refugee Wildcard
  • TFP - Top finishing position at designated competitions (automatically qualifies, irrespective of whether his performance has reached the Entry Standard)